Using Category Filters

Category filters can be a great way to:

  • Differentiate between different types of locations (drive-thru, mall kiosk, showrooms, etc)
  • Identify which products or product lines are available at each location
  • Show multiple brands or sub-brands on one map

When you add categories, your store locator will automatically populate checkboxes in the search form. Here are a few things to know about how this works.

  1. By default all checkboxes will be checked. There is currently no way to automatically un-check certain boxes.
  2. When a checkbox is unchecked, the store locator will automatically refresh to find the nearest locations that fit the remaining checked boxes
  3. Checkboxes, like any other element of your store locator, can be styled using CSS (more on that).

Each location in your Storemapper database has a category field. To create categories all you need to do is start adding things to the category field. Categories can be edited either with the edit form for a single store or via bulk upload.

Each store can have multiple categories. Just enter them separated by commas. Example: category1, category2, category3.

Find a couple of minutes to check the following video on how categories work.

You can also embed categories into Storemapper embed code to load specific set of locations. Check this article to learn how.

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