How to use our new admin dashboard

We worked hard to improve our clients experience and deliver clean, modern and user friendly dashboard. The work is still in progress, but we finished with a number of top used screens and happy to share our work with the audience.

We’ll continue work on improving our app dashboard in 2020 and the project is aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Get rid of old-school look and come up with clean and modern design.
  • Introduce new functionality, fix bugs and improve UX. We gathered some ideas carefully analyzing your feedback. Some of them are: add more customization optionsimprove stores management and more.

How to enable new interface

The work is still in progress and we’re rolling out new pages in chunks. The following are available for testing at the moment:

  1. Settings
  2. Account
  3. Billing
  4. Stores Management

Click on above pages to check them out. If you’re logged off  you’ll be asked to enter your credentials first and then will be redirected to the page.

Once you land on the page, you’ll see the switcher to new dashboard. Click on it and tell us what you think.

We’ll remember that choice and next time you land on this page it will be loaded in new version.

To note: Once you navigate page that’s not available in new version you’d see good old dashboard. Don’t be surprised 🙂

So what’s new?


Fixed menu on the left for easier access to admin pages.

We got rid of top menu bar and located everything you need to manage your account in one place – on fixed left sidebar.

Re-organized settings page to include all you need to manage your store locator in one place


We received a number of complains from our users that they can not find particular settings, having to switch between the screens and search for specific option. Now, all you need to do to set up and customize your store locator sits in one place.



General tab – contains settings that you normally saw on old Basic Settings screen (map theme and layout, map start location, map zoom level and etc)


Appearance tab – here you can manage your map appearance by using our built-in features and also by adding your custom CSS. We moved Map Color Themes , Shopify Theme Integration and Advanced Settings & CSS options there.


Map Provider tab  – here as in old dashboard you can choose between two currently support map providers and add their API keys.


Customize Text tab now includes settings from two old pages – Customize & Translate Text and Categories & Custom Fields. As in old dashboard here you are able to assign custom text to store locator elements if you need to translate them to a different language for example.


Integrations tab is about all 3rd party services that are connected to your store locator account. At the moment we support Google Sheets and Facebook integration. From this tab you’ll be able to connect to them and manage integration settings. Worth keep in mind, that Google Sheets and Facebook integration will be available only for Premium users.

Improved billing page


Your invoices are now available under Billing page. We added subscription plan to each transaction, so you’d see exactly what you are or were paying for.

If you’ve ever had hard times identifying to what plan you’re assigned to, these days are over. We re-designed plans section adding more clarity for you on that.

Clean looking stores list and add & edit store screens with improved ways of managing your stores data

To access your stores on new UI , in the left menu click on Stores – > All Stores item

You’ll see pretty much the same functionality there. Although we changed a couple of things to improve your experience:

  • Store add / edit screens now open in the same tab (not new as before) and once you’re done with editing you return to the same stores page you’ve been before.
  • To edit / delete single store in the list you need to hover on it with your mouse and you’ll see store edit menu.

  •  Add & Edit stores screens refreshed their looks and now have fixed panel on top with save / back buttons. No more scrolling!



Tell us what you think

We’ll need your feedback here, otherwise how we’d know we’re addressing your needs and pain-points 🙂 You can share your feedback by clicking on ‘Send us your ideas’ button and filling out a short form.

How to switch to old dashboard

Once you are on the new page, navigate to the bottom left corner and click on ‘Use the old version’ link and you’ll be automatically

What’s next?

We’re in the progress on testing more and more new screens. Our next priority is to roll out Stores list and Add/edit store screens in new design. So, stay tuned and check our emails with announcements!







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