Google Maps Error: The page can’t load Google Maps correctly

If your Storemapper suddenly started showing darkened map with the watermark “for development purposes only” on it , then you may have the following set of problems:

  1. Storemapper account is missing API key. If you don’t see Google API key under your settings  , please create it using this article – How to add a Google Maps API key to your store locator
  2. Billing account is not enabled or assigned.  Starting from July 18 in the scope of Google Maps Platform changes , Google will require you to enable billing account with them and assign it to your project. Please, follow instructions mentioned in this article – How to add billing account to your Google project
  3. The provided billing method is invalid (for example an expired credit card).
  4. A self-imposed daily limit has been exceeded.  If you added quota  limits to your Google project, going above them could cause similar problems. You may may want to  increase your limits

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