Fixing ungeocoded locations

When you add locations to Storemapper, our servers “geocode” them by looking up the address and finding the exact latitude and longitude of each location so we can place it on the map. Sometimes we are unable to find an exact match and your dashboard will show that you have some “ungeocoded locations.” You can click the link to view them and diagnose the problem.

Generally you have to options to fix this.

1. Manually fix each location on the edit page. Log in to your Storemapper dashboard, find the location and click “Edit.” On this screen use the manual geocoder on the right side of the page to adjust the location.


2. Add details to the addresses and re-upload. Sometimes you just need to change the format of the addresses to make sure the geocoder can find the exact location. A common test is to go to and type in the address. If it goes to the address immediately then we should be able to geocode it.

Common problems/fixes include:

* Adding the country to the end of the address can help the geocoder figure out the location. This is particularly useful with countries where the English version can have many different spellings.
* Australian zip codes need to be fully spelled out. “NSW” must be New South Wales, etc.

If none of these solutions work, you can definitely contact for support.

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