Control search radius of your map

Storemapper locator widget supports radius based search. This means, when a user enters something into the search box, the app first tries to find ‘the center’ of that location. Then the app looks in a circle, with a defined radius around that center for any locations.

The radius is determined either by the user (if the distance selector is turned on) or by you in Settings with a default search radius.

As you can see radius selector contains up to 250 miles/km radius which won’t be enough for searches by large entities , like countries. So, sometimes your users may get zero results. If you expect searches by large areas, you may want to disable radius selector from your account settings and set up default radius to larger value.

  1. For this login to your account from our sign in page or from Shopify Apps (if you installed Storemapper from Shopify App Store)
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Basic Settings’
  3. Hide radius selector by choosing ‘No’ in ‘Show distance selector…’ option and set default search radius to some big value. (e.g 1000)

As an aside, our insanely huge analytics dataset of store locators users tells us that they actually rarely do enter a whole country and instead are much more likely to enter a city or postcode.

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