Autocomplete is not working

Autocomplete is a drop-down list with suggested locations , which appears when your users start typing something in a search box.


If at some point you noticed, that it doesn’t work on your side, it may mean that you’re either missing Google API key or it doesn’t have enough permission for this feature.

If you didn’t generate API key yet, please follow instructions mentioned under this link and most likely this would fix autocomplete issue.

If you already have API key then do the following:

First, log in to your Google Console API dashboard –  and check if you have the following APIs enabled.

  • Geocoding API
  • Places API
  • Maps JavaScript API

Places API is the one you need to make autocomplete feature work, so make sure it’s added.

To add API you need to follow these steps:

Press ‘Enable API’


In the search field start typing the name of the API you want to add and Google will display the list.

Click on the API item and you’ll be navigated to the screen where you can read about it and enable. Press ‘Enable’ and you’re done.

That’s it! Check that your Autocomplete feature is now working.

If above doesn’t help just drop us a note to our support address and we’ll help you out.

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