Adding store locations with the CSV Bulk Uploader (old version)

Uploading files to StoreMapper is a breeze with the .csv bulk uploader.

Uploading data for the first time

StoreMapper works best when using Google Drive so create or sign in to your Google Drive account before starting. If you absolutely cannot use Google Drive, see the note about UTF-8 encoding below.

1. Head to your admin screen and open the Google Drive template in a new screen. Save a copy of the template to your Drive.



2. In your new template, keep the header rows the same and add your store data by adding new rows to the spreadsheet. It’s okay if you have empty columns.

Note: URLs must be valid and start with “http://”

3. Download a copy of the .csv file and upload it via the StoreMapper admin. It may take some time for StoreMapper to fully geo-code all the locations.



** UTF-8 encoding issues: Some spreadsheet programs use different character encoding formats. Files must use UTF-8 encoding, this is the default encoding for Google Drive and Excel for Mac OSX, which is why it is our recommended solution. Open Office will allow you to choose formatting when you export the file to .csv. StoreMapper is NOT compatible with .csv files exported from Windows Excel, which do not use UTF-8 encoding. Our friends at Shopify cover this same issue here.

Making bulk changes to your store locations

StoreMapper can also make bulk changes to existing locations.

1. First export your existing data and upload that .csv file to Google Drive. Be sure conversion is set to “on” so that Google Drive will convert your file into an editable spreadsheet.




2. Make changes to your store data. Ensure that the column headers remain the same. IMPORTANT NOTE: The end of each row has an ID, you must ensure that the ID stays in the appropriate row as this is how StoreMapper knows you are updating existing locations, rather than adding new ones.

3. Follow the same process as before, download a .csv file and upload it to StoreMapper.

Exporting your data

All your data is fully transferable. You can download your full data by just clicking the Export data button from your admin screen at any time.

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