Adding custom map markers or map pins (New UI)

You can use a custom marker pin instead of the Storemapper default pin for your locations.

The first step is that you will need to host the image somewhere on your own site as you can’t upload the file to Storemapper. Once you have done so, grab the URL for the image. There are two options you can implement for the custom marker pin –

1. Set all your map markers to this image. Head over to the settings panel on the left hand side, select appearance and marker icon within the customization section.

Select the drop down arrow and choose “change icon”
Input URL and save

2. The second option is to set a custom map marker for each individual stores if you want to highlight certain stores or use markers to differentiate categories of stores. For this you can either head to the Edit page for each store (go to your main dashboard and on the left hand panel select All Stores) and paste the URL into the “Custom marker url” field.

Or you can add them to the Custom marker URL column in the bulk upload template or Google Drive sync template.

Here are some cool custom markers in action:

Screenshot 2015-06-29 18.00.59 Screenshot 2015-06-29 18.01.13


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