Adding custom fields to each location

Each store/location in Storemapper can have up to three custom fields. These fields can be any kind of text (and in some cases HTML) that you like to add helpful data about that store. Common use cases include:

  • Store hours
  • Product lines or sub-brands available
  • Special options like in-store try-on
  • Specific directions inside the location

To add custom data just fill in custom field 1/2/3. These fields are available on the New Store page, in the Edit screen, via Bulk CSV Upload or Google Drive Sync.

custom fields 1

This data will show up in the left-hand column listing for each location.

custom fields 2

If you’d like to add a title for each of these fields you can do so in Custom Field Settings.


All fields will now be prefaced with their title inside the store locator.


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