How to add APIs to your Google Maps API key

For correct operation your Google Maps API  needs the following APIs enabled: Google Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API .   If any of them are missing you may experience issues with map loading or search. Here are the steps on adding the API

1. Make sure you logged in your Google account.  (Note:  It should be the one under which you created Google Maps API key) 

2. Navigate to google console and select your project from the top drop down 

3. Now we need to enable APIs required for Storemapper. Click on ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES’.

4. Type the name of the missing API ( for example ‘Geocoding API’ in the search input field) and then click on it

5. In the opened window click on the button ‘Enable’ to enable API

6. You’ll be navigated to the added API dashboard. You can Go back to the dashboard and repeat above steps if you need to add another missing  APIs.

If you have any issues with above steps and feel like you need help, please drop us an email to or use the chat at the right bottom of the screen.

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