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WordPress Store Locator Plugin

Our Storemapper WordPress store locator is a perfect complement to your WordPress site. Whether you have a WooCommerce store, a physical store, or thousands of brick-and-mortar locations, our WordPress store locator is certain to fit your needs.

Highly customizable, yet ridiculously simple, we leave you in control of how much customization (if any) you want for your WordPress store locator. Storemapper has thousands of customers around the globe using our store locator to help their customers find business locations, get directions and make in-person purchases.

Want statistics? We have that too, with our back-end analytics for your WordPress store locator software from Storemapper. See where users are searching from, which stores are getting searched the most, and much more. WordPress is one of the most popular site building platforms around, running on over 60 million websites worldwide, according to Wikipedia.

Installation is easy, because there’s no software to download, just copy and paste a snippet of code and you’re on your way to seeing all your store locations on your own WordPress site. You don’t need to know how to code, simply create your free trial account and you’ll see the benefits of our WordPress store locator within minutes. Regardless of the theme you’ve decided on, our store locator will easily integrate into your WordPress site in no time.

Have 5 stores? Ten? Maybe 10,000? Storemapper’s store locator will suit your needs with multiple store location upload options. You can choose to upload your stores one at a time through your Storemapper login, bulk upload by CSV, or simply sync with a Google Drive Sheet. We have a simple upload solution for your store locations to fit your specific needs. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get your WordPress store locator installed in a matter of minutes.