Squarespace Store Locator App

Install in minutes with no coding. Feature packed and customizable.

Squarespace Store Locator App

Send your most serious customer to your storefront today with our Squarespace store locator. Online interactions significantly impact your foot traffic. The Storemapper Squarespace store locator is visually appealing and functions perfectly, enabling customers to find your store with an impeccable first impression.

Integrating the Squarespace store locator into your website is quite simple and requires zero coding knowledge, just copy and paste a snippet of code into your target web page. However, CSS/Java programmers will enjoy working with our Squarespace store locator and have the option to make adjustments directly within the code. Storemapper has a simple upload solution to fit your specific use-case. Upload your store locations as you see fit, either one at a time through your StoreMapper login, by bulk CSV upload, or simply sync with a Google Drive sheet. All store data filed in your Squarespace Store Locator is fully transferable and easy to manage. Storemapper provides detailed instructions on how to temporarily hide a store location, export data to make bulk edits to existing store information, and more. In the rare case that you run into a problem with installation or data management, you are always just an email or chat away from our dedicated Storemapper support team.

Brand matching is easy with the Storemapper Squarespace store locator, simply pick from a large selection of preloaded setting options or, optionally, make adjustments using your own CSS. Squarespace sites are notoriously focused on a visually-rich user experience. Our Squarespace Store Locator allows maximum design flexibility and will not interfere with the power of your website’s imagery.

Need analytics? We have that too. Highlight target growth locales and pinpoint unmet demand quickly by discovering where people are searching for stores and how often you have a nearby location. Get started now. Sign up for your 7-day free trial and have your Squarespace store locator up and running on your website today. Don’t forget about social media, add a copy of your existing Squarespace Store Locator to a tab on your Facebook page, too.