How to Add a Mapbox Map to BigCommerce to Boost Your Traffic & Sales

How to Add a Mapbox Map to BigCommerce to Boost Your Traffic & Sales

With each passing day, more and more shoppers use online searches to find businesses locally that meet their needs. So, whether you sell wholesale products to retailers or you run a physical retail store, you simply can’t afford to miss out on that pool of buyers just because you don’t have a map on your BigCommerce site. By using a tool like Mapbox, you let people find your locations easily, which means more sales and profit. If you haven’t set up a map before, it’s easy. We’ll walk you through how to add a Mapbox map to BigCommerce right here.

Add a Mapbox Map to BigCommerce with Storemapper


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How to Add a Mapbox Map to Bigcommerce


Mapbox offers custom online maps for websites and apps. Since its inception in 2013, it has quickly broadened the niche as an alternative to Google Maps, being valued at $1 billion in 2020. Big names use the tool, such as Foursquare, Lonely Planet, the Financial Times, The Weather Channel, Instacart and Snapchat.

Mapbox creates and contributes to various open-source mapping projects, such as OpenStreetMap. Features and information from this data source can be edited and added directly there and automatically reflected in your Mapbox maps.

Use a Store Locator App

A store locator app shows a map on your site or app that helps shoppers find your store’s location(s). You can use Mapbox with BigCommerce store locators and display useful features along with it, such as directions, location information like hours, autocomplete addresses, and customizable map styles and pins.

It’s true that you have your pick of various store locator tools, but Storemapper works wonders for many companies for several reasons. For instance, it:

  • Is simple to set up and use, no coding expertise required.
  • Boosts your offline conversions by helping customers find your store’s physical location(s).
  • Lets you bulk add/upload and edit an unlimited number of store locations, worldwide.
  • Comes matched to your site’s design but can be easily customized to suit with CSS and/or Javascript.
  • Features an analytics tool so you can monitor and track store performance and see precisely where shoppers are looking for what you sell.
  • Is equipped with a responsive and attractive UI design that includes native apps for location directions.
  • Has a responsive support team behind it that is there to help with anything you need.

Option 1 - Embed your map

It’s easy to embed your Mapbox map with Storemapper. Simply create a shortcode and copy and paste it to your site or app. This video and the steps below show you how:



To embed your Mapbox map with Storemapper:

1. If you don’t already have a Storemapper account, you’ll need to create one. Start by signing up for the free 7-day trial, to see if you like. There’s no risk or need to provide credit card information.

sign up for storemapper

2. Login to your Mapbox account. If you don’t already have one, sign up by completing the form and clicking “Get Started” or “Log in”.

sign up for mapbox

3. At this point, you’ll see your account dashboard where you can copy your access token (API key).

get token from mapbox

4. Go back into your Storemapper dashboard and paste in the token (API key).

paste mapbox token to storemapper

This video also walks you through the process:


Option 2 - Mapbox token (API Key)

It’s also possible to use the Mapbox platform to add a map to your site or app. Storemapper works with Mapbox to provide your customers with the best possible mapping experience. You’ll simply create your own Mapbox account and API key to link to your map and site by following these steps:

  • Sign up with Mapbox and create a token (API key). You can create your own token via the token tab, or use the default token that was automatically made when you created your account. This can be found under "dashboard".
  • Copy the Mapbox token and paste it to your Storemapper dashboard under Settings > Map provider.
  • Preview the map to ensure you’re happy, and save the page.

Add a Mapbox Map to BigCommerce with Storemapper


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How Adding a Mapbox Map to Your BigCommerce Site can Grow Your Business

Adding a Mapbox map to your store’s BigCommerce site can help your business in many ways. Check out some of the main reasons why.

Increase Your Exposure by Leading Shoppers to What You Offer

why add a mapbox map

These days, people look to Google Search more and more to find the items they need and research their options prior to making a shopping trip. This couldn’t be clearer by the fact that online searches for “local” + “business(es)” have grown by more than 80%, year-over-year. It makes perfect sense that you’d want your business to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

When you add a Mapbox map to your BigCommerce site, you’re providing your browsers with easy-to-follow directions to your location(s), saving them the extra step of searching again on Google. The tool also shows nearby reference points like schools and restaurants, which is quite helpful. Your site’s Mapbox map not only enables your merchandise to be easily found by those interested but also arms shoppers with other useful information like business hours, contact information and reviews. The tool ultimately saves your audience time and makes it easy for them to get to your store - rather than the competition’s - quickly.

Boost Your Foot Traffic

It’s pretty likely for people to stop by your store location(s) when the process of finding it and the assurance it has what they need has been clear. This is your goal, since the more in-person traffic you get, the more product you’ll move and revenue you’ll make. People are also likely to tell their friends and refer you if they’re happy. Plus, you might even get some extra impulse buys from people since they can touch and see products in person.

Storemapper’s geolocation feature helps by identifying your site visitors’ location. When they approve this, the tool immediately finds their closest store location as the map loads which encourages them to stop their search and come to your store.

Raise Your Local SEO

raise seo

It’s no secret that you need a solid digital presence to compete in brick-and-mortar retail today. How do you do this? Local SEO. This is an important marketing strategy that can be helped greatly by using a map, like one you can create using Mapbox. The reason for this is that the longer your visitors spend on your site, the lower your site’s bounce rate becomes, the higher your site will be ranked on Google’s search results. That is, your local SEO goes up and more people will see the link to your store and explore what you have to offer.

Essentially, your visitors have reason to spend a longer period of time viewing and interacting with your site because you’ve removed the need to leave it and launch a new tab or window to search for directions. They can simply use the Mapbox map you’ve included to scroll, zoom and plan their route.


Why Storemapper?

Storemapper’s robust functionality, many features, and valuable benefits make it a top store locator tool. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from using it.

Fast and easy installation

It takes just minutes to get Storemapper installed and up and running. Simply copy and paste the embed code onto your page.

Completely customizable

You have the flexibility to customize your Storemapper store locator with your brand's look and feel using the tool’s built-in preset settings. It's a simple HTML (not iframe), so the elements are accessible for customization with CSS/JS.

Simple location management

It’s easy to manage your locations by adding, updating or deleting them using a straightforward dashboard.

Helpful support

It's normal for unexpected questions or issues to arise that you might need a helping hand with. Not to worry. Storemapper's friendly and knowledgeable support team members are here to help. As experts in their field, they can assist you with whatever comes up, from installation to customization.

Powerful analytics

Storemapper’s analytics tools make your business strategy and key decisions more informed. You'll get insight into which locations get the most traffic so you can plan your inventory accordingly. Even business and store expansion plans are made easier with the knowledge of who’s seeking but not finding a location near them.


You'll also enjoy these useful Storemapper features and functions:

  • Locations import & export
  • Themes & layouts
  • Flexible and global search options
  • Automated search suggestions
  • Category filters
  • Search by user location
  • Search form widget
  • Choose a feature location
  • Adjust location geodata
  • Map preview
  • Sync with Google Sheets
  • White label version
  • Auto-delete duplicates
  • Automate data
  • Custom fields
  • Facebook integration

storemapper features

Adding a Mapbox Map to BigCommerce FAQs

In case we didn’t address all of your questions so far, go ahead and peruse our FAQs on adding a Mapbox map to BigCommerce.

Why should I add a map to BigCommerce?

Adding a map to BigCommerce will give you more exposure by allowing your customers to find your business and what you’re selling. As well, you’ll boost your local SEO and improve the foot traffic of your store location(s).

How can I add a Mapbox map to BigCommerce?

There are a few ways to add a Mapbox map to your BigCommerce site. 1) Use a store locator tool like Storemapper, 2) install a BigCommerce plugin or, 3) generate and add a token (API key).

Can I add a Google Map to BigCommerce?

Yes, if you use Google Maps instead of BigCommerce, you can also add a store locator map to your store. Here is a guide on how to add a Google Map to BigCommerce.

What is a top store locator tool?

Storemapper is one of the top store locator tools available. Business owners rely on it and its many benefits, including:

  • Its simplicity and ease of installation and operation, with no coding knowledge required.
  • The ability to boost offline conversions by helping users find their physical store locations.
  • The functionality to add/upload and edit, in bulk, unlimited worldwide store locations.
  • An analytics tool to monitor and track store performance for specific insight into where people are looking for what they sell.
  • A match to their site design with the flexibility to customize to suit, using CSS and/or Javascript.
  • A highly responsive and attractive UI design that includes native apps for directions.
  • Being backed by a stellar support team that helps with any related questions or issues.

How can I add a Mapbox map to my BigCommerce site with Storemapper?

With Storemapper, it’s easy to add a Mapbox map to BigCommerce. Start by signing up with Storemapper, if you haven’t yet (there’s even a free 7-day trial so you don’t have to commit at this time). Then create a shortcode and copy and paste it to your BigCommerce site or app.

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