Building a Fairer Future: How Fairphone Revolutionizes Sustainable Electronics Retail

Building a Fairer Future: How Fairphone Revolutionizes Sustainable Electronics Retail

How Storemapper are transforming the Electronics Segment

Storemapper is revolutionizing the electronics segment by providing a seamless and user-friendly solution for locating retail stores. In an industry where customer experience is paramount, Storemapper's store locator app allows brands to connect with consumers more effectively by making it easy for them to find physical stores. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also drives foot traffic (and sales!).

By offering intuitive tools that sync effortlessly with existing systems, Storemapper helps electronics companies streamline their operations, reduce dependency on IT teams, and focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Our platform is pivotal in bridging the gap between online engagement and offline retail, ensuring that customers can experience products firsthand and make informed purchasing decisions.

We offer several key features that are particularly beneficial for the electronics retail segment:

  • Google Reviews: which allows potential customers to read real customer feedback directly on the store locator, building trust and influencing purchasing decisions.
  • Business Hours: ensuring that customers know exactly when stores are open, thus improving convenience and customer satisfaction. 
  • Multiple Users: making it easy for various team members to update store information without needing extensive technical knowledge. 
  • Robust Analytics: valuable insights into customer behavior and store performance, helping retailers make data-driven decisions to enhance their operations and marketing strategies.

Fairphone and Storemapper: A Perfect Partnership

The electronics segment has been going through significant transformations in the past years, driven by a growing demand for sustainable practices and social responsibility. As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of their purchases, innovative companies are stepping up to meet these expectations. One such company leading the charge is Fairphone, an Amsterdam-based enterprise committed to revolutionizing the electronics industry with sustainable and fair practices.

In this case study, we will explore Fairphone's journey in redefining the electronics industry, the challenges they faced, and how the implementation of Storemapper's store locator has been pivotal in overcoming those challenges. Join us as we dive into the story of how Fairphone and Storemapper are building a fairer future for electronics retail.

The story of Fairphone

Fairphone, an Amsterdam-based sustainable electronics company, is committed to transforming the way electronics are built and produced.

We believe that care for the environment and people should be a natural part of doing business throughout our industry. With suppliers, local communities, and the wider industry, we work for fairer materials and more responsible practices - one step at a time. - Kayleigh.

They build products designed to last, such as their new Fairphone 5. It comes with an industry-leading eight years of software and hardware support and a five-year extended warranty. Unlike other brands, they encourage customers to open up their devices and swap in new modules when needed. Customers can slide in a fresh battery or replace the display if they wish. Fairphone offers both spare parts and easy-to-follow instructions directly on their website.

The company faced a unique challenge in the competitive electronics market: how to allow potential customers to experience their products up close. To address this, Fairphone partnered with Storemapper, enabling customers to find one of the 2,192 Fairphone stores across Europe effortlessly. Explore Fairphone's store locator at to find a store near you.

We spoke with Kayleigh, UX Designer at Fairphone, about the challenges of choosing the right store locator platform to provide the best customer experience.

Let’s dive in.

Why did you choose Storemapper?

The choice was driven by the simple and user-friendly interface that the platform offers. This allows us to sync all of our stores without having to pass through our IT team, or having to learn complex coding and formulas to ensure the coordinates of every store are correct. This ties in together with the opportunity to have a seamless link with Google Workspace, where we keep track of all our partner stores. - Kayleigh.

What was the experience using Storemapper?

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, especially when we need to update stores and locations. The syncing process with Google works smoothly as well, and the functionality for autofilling shop coordinates saves a LOT of time. We also love the option to include personalization and lines of code to each store, as we can easily highlight our inventory at each store while keeping it in line with our overall website’s look and feel. - Kayleigh.

We invite businesses seeking a reliable store locator platform to explore Storemapper's capabilities. Join us in leveraging technology that not only supports business growth but also fosters customer satisfaction. Discover how Storemapper can transform your retail operations and empower your brand to thrive in today's competitive market.

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