A quick an important update from Google Maps here. As of June 22, 2016 Google Maps announced it will start requiring that you create an API key with your Google account and include that key on all pages on your website that use Google Maps. This includes the page where you have installed Storemapper so there is some action required.

For existing Storemapper customers: your store locator will still work fine for now, however not having an API key may affect your store locator’s ability to work in the future. At this point it’s not clear how that could change so the best thing to do is go ahead grab a key. It’s not urgent but something you should definitely put on your todo list.

For new Storemapper customers: you will most likely need an API key. It is possible that Storemapper will work on your domain if you have previously used Google Maps on it before but it would be an unstable situation and the best bet is again to get a key.

Note: this will affect all store locator apps that are operating within the bounds of Google’s terms and conditions equally.

Fortunately it is pretty painless. You can follow this guide to get a key and include it with your store locator. The steps are basically (1) log in with Google and generate a key (2) copy it over into Storemapper and (3) grab your Storemapper embed code from the app and update the embed code on your site… that’s annoying we know and we try very very hard to make sure you don’t ever have to change your embed code but in this case it’s unavoidable.

For the curious, we have added a lengthier post explaining a bit more about how all this interacts with the various Google Maps terms and licenses on the support site here.

As always let us know if you have any questions.