How To Add Multiple Locations To A Facebook Business Page

How To Add Multiple Locations To A Facebook Business Page

If you're an entrepreneur looking to build your business, then Facebook is one of the best platforms to do so.

However, it can be difficult to manage just one location on a page if you have more than that.

Fortunately, there are ways to add a Facebook business page with multiple locations with ease! If you want to learn more about how this works and what steps need to be taken in order for all of them to show up correctly on your page, keep reading.

Add Multiple Business Locations to Facebook Page


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How to Add Multiple Locations to Facebook Business Page with Storemapper

Adding Facebook Business page multiple locations is easy when you use Storemapper. Storemapper is a store locator that can be deployed anywhere - including on your Facebook page - and here we'll share a step-by-step on how to do it:

  1. Sign up for a Storemapper account (to use it on Facebook, you'll need a premium plan)
  2. Log into your Facebook admin account and keep logged into Storemapper
  3. Go to this Storemapper link for Facebook and follow the instructions
  4. This will load Storemapper on your Facebook page
  5. You are done! Manage multiple locations through your Storemapper dashboard.
Add multiple locations to facebook with storemapper

Note that there are a few things you need to know about using Storemapper to add multiple locations to a Facebook Business page:

  • This feature is only available on Storemapper's Premium Plan
  • Your Facebook page needs to have more than 2,000 fans so you can enable this feature (Facebook only allow creating custom tabs on pages of that size)
  • Facebook mobile apps don't support page tabs, so your multiple locations won't be available for mobile visitors.

Why should you have multiple locations on a Facebook Business page?

Why having multiple locations on facebook business

Having all your locations on a Facebook Business page is an excellent deal for many reasons. Here we name a few:

Customers can find your locations easily

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform available online. That is why displaying all of your locations on your Facebook business page is crucial so customers can find their nearest location.

Manage all locations in one dashboard

For business managers, Facebook Business is also a helpful tool for managing multiple locations. One dashboard gathers all your information about your locations' addresses, contact details, relevant user data, and interactions.

Have content and reviews specifically for each location

Your multiple locations can have single pages and a personalized strategy according to their needs. As a business owner, you can offer different content and manage reviews or ads specifically for each location. And all that information is integrated into one Facebook Business account.

Other FacebookTips for Business Owners with Multiple Locations

Tips for multiple locations business owners

To make your multiple location business successful, you might also invest in other relevant strategies to increase your results and credibility.

Try to answer all your page reviews (or at least the most important ones)

Reviews are an essential social proof your business can offer about their services or products. And on Facebook Business, it is easy for users and customers to use this feature to give their opinions and help other potential buyers.

Those same reviews can help increase your business credibility, especially when you take the time to acknowledge the customer’s opinion and give them a proper answer about the subject they are talking about.

So, no matter if you face a good or a bad review about your business, it is crucial always to make an extra effort to answer them. If you manage to cover all comments and reviews, that is great. But if not, do answer the most relevant questions that can impact your business credibility and customer satisfaction.

Create personalized ads for your locations

Creating localized ads and marketing campaigns is one of the benefits of having a Facebook Business account for your multiple locations. That way, you can create and manage different advertising campaigns tailored to the specific audience of a particular business location.

Use Facebook as a news and content channel to your audience

Many business owners have a Facebook Business page but don't use this channel as an opportunity to connect with their audience. Since users will start visiting your pages looking for business information, do make an effort to offer them relevant and updated content on your feeds, helping them engage with your services and brand.

FAQ on Facebook Business Page Multiple Locations

Frequently asked questions facebook business

Can a Facebook Page have multiple locations?

Facebook Business pages can add multiple locations to one single page and manage all information through the same user dashboard with a tool like Storemapper.

Should a business have more than one Facebook page?

The decision to have one or multiple Facebook pages depends on your business strategy. It is possible to have one single corporate page that gathers all the relevant information about your brand.

The choice will depend on the time and effort you have available to manage multiple locations pages, even though you create the structure of "parent" and  ”child" pages on a platform like Facebook Business.

How can I add a location to Facebook Business?

Log into your Facebook Business page and choose "Settings.” Then, while navigating on that menu, you will see "Locations.” Click on it to add one address at a time.


Using Facebook Business is an excellent idea for businesses of all sizes, and with Storemapper, it gets easier to map all your locations in only one spot. Help your customers easily find you anywhere. Try Storemapper on Facebook Business now.

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Try our store locator app on your site and help customers find your products.

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