The Best Bigcommerce Apps to Increase Traffic and Boost Sales

The Best Bigcommerce Apps to Increase Traffic and Boost Sales

BigCommerce is a leading, hosted ecommerce platform that enables you to sell products and grow your retail business through an online store. It comes with dynamic built-in features and a user-friendly interface. The BigCommerce solution includes online store creation, SEO, hosting, and marketing and security for retailers of all sizes. What’s great about this platform is its ability to integrate with so many tools that enhance its functionality. Your store can benefit greatly when it’s synced with BigCommerce apps that automate routine, day-to-day tasks, letting you focus on growing your brand and overall strategy.


Here, you can take a look at some of the best tools for BigCommerce out there, including:

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Best Bigcommerce Apps to Save Time & Money



Benefits of Using a Store Locator App on BigCommerce

With so many apps and tools out there to help you operate and grow your BigCommerce store, you’ll need to do your research and narrow down your options to those that will best serve you and your goals. Consider a store locator app - there are many reasons to add one to your BigCommerce store, including the following.

Improve Your Local SEO

You already know that these days, a stellar digital presence is what makes your business stand out among other brick-and-mortar retailers. This is accomplished through good local SEO, a critical marketing strategy that’s improved by the use of a store locator, like Storemapper.


How does this work? A store locator tool is one thing to encourage your website visitors to linger on your site since they have less reason to leave and open a new browser window or tab to find directions. This causes your bounce rate to stay low and your Google search ranking to go up. In other words, more people see your store’s link and discover what you’re offering, which raises your local SEO.

Broaden Your Exposure by Guiding Shoppers to Your Store

More and more each day, people search Google for the products and services they need and want. Shoppers are savvier than ever before and do their research ahead of time, online, before heading out to a store. In fact, web searches for the term “local” + “business(es)” have increased year-over-year by over 80%. So, to not miss out on this opportunity, you need to get your business front and center to as many online searchers as you can.

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Adding a map to your site with a store locator tool, like Storemapper, ultimately saves your customers and potential customers time and makes their lives easier — all the more reason for them to visit your location rather than the competition. It gives them simple directions to your store location(s) and saves them another Google search. A store locator also displays helpful reference points nearby. It lets your products be found easily and provides useful information like your contact information, hours and reviews.

Increase Foot Traffic

When shoppers have an easy time locating your store on a map and feel confident in the ease of finding it, there’s a high chance they’ll follow through and make that visit. This is what you want, after all, since the more foot traffic you see, the more sales you’ll make and revenue you’ll earn.


The geolocation feature of tools like Storemapper helps with this by identifying a potential visitor’s location (with their permission) and locating your closest store right away, enticing them to stop searching and head on over. And who knows, you might even get some extra impulse buys from those in-person shoppers, touching and seeing items firsthand. Plus, when customers are happy they’re likely to refer your business to others.

What is Storemapper?

Storemapper is a store locator with dynamic functionality, a range of features and helpful benefits for any retail business. When you use it in conjunction with your BigCommerce store, you’ll enjoy:


  • Quick and simple installation. You can get started with the tool right away by copying and pasting the embed code onto your BigCommerce page.
  • Location management made easy. It’s simple and straightforward to add, change or remove locations on your dashboard.
  • Full customization. Storemapper gives you total flexibility to customize your store locator to your brand with preset settings.
  • Robust analytics. Use Storemapper’s insightful analytics to help make smart business decisions and inform your future plans. You’ll know which locations are the busiest so you can align your plans and procurement. Considering new locations or store expansions? These insights can help by showing you who’s looking for but not locating a store close to them.
  • Helpful support. The tool’s knowledgeable support team is there for whatever issues or questions you need assistance with, from setup to custom tweaks.


Check out this video to easily get started with Storemapper on your BigCommerce store.


Storemapper’s plans

You have three Storemapper plans to choose from. If you’re unsure what’s best for your business, don’t worry. The great thing is you’ll get a 7-day free trial on any plan, so you can try the tool out and see what works best for your needs.


  • Micro plan – $19/month. Add up to 100 store locations and customize maps with your brand’s colors. Ideal for small businesses.
  • Pro plan – $29/month. Add up to 1,000 store locations with more customizations to your maps. Ideal for medium-sized businesses.
  • Premium plan – $59/month. Add unlimited, customizable store locations to your maps, and enjoy social media integration and other features. Ideal for businesses looking for the most functionality and best possible experience.

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Increase Your Foot Traffic With Storemapper, the Top BigCommerce App

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LeadDyno makes it easy to automate and grow your affiliate program and monitor your performance from one spot, by offering all you need to launch and grow a successful affiliate program for your BigCommerce store. With this all-in-one, easy-to-setup affiliate tracking tool, you can manage your affiliate recruitment and website, commissions and payouts, lead management and campaign tracking. This sets you up for success by boosting your revenue through more referrals and sales.


If you’re just getting started, there are very simple, easy tools to get going fast. Or, maybe you’ve been in ecommerce for a while and are looking for some more advanced tools and strategies for payments and incentives. Either way, LeadDyno’s automated tools and integrations help you maintain strong engagement and motivation among your affiliate partners.

LeadDyno Features

  • Quick affiliate program setup and launch.
  • Marketing task and outcome monitoring.
  • Integration with many top platforms, no development skills required.
  • Automated affiliate marketing and recruitment to engage customers and affiliates.
  • Analytics for stats on clicks, leads and conversions, and campaign tracking shown in the LeadDyno dashboard.
  • Easily choose your affiliates’ reward type, amount, frequency and method.

Alloy Automation

alloy automation

Alloy Automation is an automation platform that completes tedious daily tasks on BigCommerce for you, so you can focus on more important things to grow your business. The tool automates shipping, order fulfillment, customer service, marketing and other processes. It comes with over 100 workflows created by superusers and partners, so you know they’re valuable and effective.

Alloy Automation Features

  • Automate your inventory tracking to be sure your stock is optimal and you don’t run out of anything.
  • Send personalized marketing emails and SMS messages automatically by elements like tag, segmentation, order delivery status and purchase history.
  • Automate common customer service requests and issues and let your team focus on other tasks.
  • Segment your database by automatically tagging customers to improve personalization.

Constant Contact

constant contact


When you create an email list for your ecommerce store, you’re able to easily and quickly contact your customers and potential customers repeatedly. Whether you want to communicate information on a big sale, new products or blogs and articles about your store, Constant Contact makes the process streamlined and efficient. The tool features a drag & drop builder to design and create your emails, or you can use several pre-made templates to save time. You can even schedule automated emails to be sent at any time — no need to remember when you’re off doing something else.

Constant Contact Features

  • Create and edit campaigns with design templates, landing pages, sign-up forms and integrations.
  • Manage and track your outreach with list building and management, segmentation and reporting.
  • Run social media including on mobile with Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads, social posting, social media marketing and mobile apps.
  • Marketing automation allows you to send timely emails.
  • Create and promote events with event marketing.
  • Get feedback instantly through surveys.
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Your customers will need support, so why not make your life and theirs easier with a chat app? You won’t have the expense, setup or maintenance of a phone line. Plus, many people prefer chatting over phoning and potentially waiting on hold. The LiveChat easy-to-use customer service tool is a great way to multitask for those working at their desk, and it’s easy to share images, links and videos.


LiveChat can be integrated on any website, including your BIgCommerce store. It lets you address and respond to customer queries in an efficient, timely way. Another great thing about LiveChat is that it also functions as a sales enablement tool — once an initial request is fulfilled, you and your team have the floor to offer your customers related products and services. You can also collect invaluable data and insights on your customers, including their pain points, FAQs and marketing opportunities.

LiveChat Features

  • Chat tools, including message sneak-peek, canned responses, chat tags, rich messages, file sharing, chat archives, inactivity messages, notifications, chat transfer and chat ratings.
  • Customer engagement, including targeted messages, messaging mode, eye-catchers, chat buttons, routing rules, ticket form, chat assignment, chat history and chat transcripts.
  • Chat widget customization, including customization, agent profiles, accessibility, languages and chat boosters.
  • Reports & analytics, including data summary, chat reports, data export, and agent, ticket, customer and ecommerce reports, filters and dashboard.
  • Security, including encryption, credit card masking, data storage, access restriction, visitor banning, Google login, compliance and single sign-on.

Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

google shopping

Google Shopping is a sales app that automates your product feeds on Google’s search engine. You can seamlessly reach more customers by connecting your BigCommerce store to launch products with Google Merchant Center, Ads, and Analytics. You’ll boost traffic and sales by building, managing and optimizing your shopping campaigns. And, you can even use social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to expose and promote your products to more viewers.


When your BigCommerce store is connected with Google Shopping, an automatic product feed is built, which creates a live catalog of your items on Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and the app’s affiliate network.

Google Shopping by Sales & Orders Features

  • Launch products by seamlessly connecting BigCommerce to Google Merchant Center, Ads, and Analytics.
  • Create, manage and optimize shopping ads and campaigns for bidding, targeting and more with Google and Microsoft ads and bring more traffic to your store.
  • Present your products to more shoppers through channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with an easy-to-use product feed showing your catalog live on various platforms. Feed rules are simple to set up and optimize your product data to improve ad performance.
  • Import product-level issues to quickly fix them.



If you’re looking to sell a subscription service through your BigCommerce store, a helpful tool like ReCharge can enhance and help you manage your offering. It makes launching the offer quick and easy and gives you the ability to directly manage customers on your store’s platform and connect them through to trusted and popular payment processors for a cohesive checkout experience. ReCharge offers key subscription selling features important to your customers, like swaps or skips, automatic notifications and one-time add-ons.

ReCharge Features

  • Set up and enable subscription offers quickly and easily. No involved customizations or external expertise needed.
  • Use any major payment processor and method, as the tool integrates with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Avalara and others.
  • Allow your customers the freedom and flexibility to manage their own subscriptions through RechargeSMS or the customer portal. This includes updating orders with one-time products, changing products and updating a shipping address, using pre-made templates or a customized, branded experience.
  • Grow your AOV using upsells.
  • Make it easy to skip or reschedule a delivery and avoid full subscription cancellations.
  • Get actionable insights and measurements to help meet customer needs through the analytics suite. This includes understanding real-time product performance through sales breakdowns, total refunds, average order values, churn rates and more.

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Now that you’ve seen how these amazing BigCommerce apps can benefit your store and business overall, why not go ahead and give them a try? They integrate seamlessly with the BigCommerce platform, and most have free trials and free or inexpensive plans, including Storemapper. This means you can try, tweak and decide what’s right for you with little to no commitment — an absolute win-win.

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Try our store locator app on your site and help customers find your products.

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