About Our Company

Take a moment to meet our team of people.

Radu Irava

General Manager
Radu oversees the general affairs of Storemapper. When he is not busy with the bigger picture, you can find him on the soccer field or traveling in the mountains.

Taufiq Muhammadi

Our Ruby on Rails developer at Storemapper is Taufiq. If you love our tool, chances are that Taufiq made it happen.

Mufid Afif

Mufid optimizes performance, extinguishes bugs, and builds features for Storemapper.

Philly Greaves

Customer Happiness Specialist
Philly is usually the first person you speak with at Storemapper. She will assist you with anything you need to get your maps up and running!

Vijay Khandekar

Marketing & Growth Specialist
Vijay takes care of the marketing & growth at Storemapper. When he is not busy finding new acquisition opportunities, you can find him either with his piano or sleeping.

Marvin Russell

Head of Growth
A few blocks from Wrigley Field, Marvin works on connecting the Storemapper brand with customers all over the world.

Kriti Sharma

Technical Customer Happiness Specialist

History of the Company

Back in 2009, on a flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, Tyler Tringas built the first version of Storemapper. Within five years, the success of Storemapper led to an acquisition by SureSwift Capital. Since then Tyler has founded several other apps and is now a partner at Calm Company Fund.

SureSwift Capital
5201 Eden Avenue Suite 300
Edina, MN 55436

Founder: Tyler Tringas